Blue Thunder FTC Tournament


Congratulations to all students attending the Blue Thunder FTC Tournament.  It was definitely a great way to finish the season. The Gremlins finished qualifying rounds undefeated (5-0-0) and ranked first.  As first alliance captain, they selected the 4th ranked Glitch (4-0-1) to join their alliance. Crash (3-1-1) became the 4th alliance captain.  All three teams met in the semi-finals, Gremlins continued their undefeated dominance and took both the semifinals and finals in 4 quick games to be crowned tournament winners along with Glitch and Michigan Center’s MC Hammers.  In the last final match, Glitch filled the glyph box, capping off an excellent season.


Beach Middle School Robotics was also awarded the following awards

  • Inspire 3rd Place - Glitch

  • Inspire 2nd Place - Crash

  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Award - Crash

  • Connect Award - Glitch

  • Finalists for several other awards