Chelsea Robotics FLL JR. EXPO

The FRC Team 1502 just attended the Chelsea Robotics FLL JR. EXPO! How exciting!

Many of our own team members volunteered for a variety of tasks helping out. A panel of Team 1502 members personally judged each entry and several others assisted with the  Are You Smarter Than A Mars Rover? activity. 


Later, we all celebrated the FLL Team’s spectacular presentations with a dance party. Some of our volunteers showed the kids how to moonwalk, and others just danced along.

Team 1502’s talented designers made gear shaped trophies to be distributed to each team. The parents made the award ceremony very special by standing up and making a tunnel for each team to run through. 

I’m sure we all had a blast helping around, and we hope the FLL teams did as well.  

 Everyone wins! Medals for all!

Everyone wins! Medals for all!

2018 has come to an amazing conclusion for the Chelsea Robotics community, and we’re sure to make the start of 2019 even more spectacular.

Exciting Announcement from Principal Kapolka

Good morning, Team 1502 parents and students.  It is with great excitement that I am emailing all of your this morning to inform you that Kirk Findlay has been named the adviser for the high school team.  Kirk brings passion and experience to this role and is eager to meet with students and parents to share his vision for the program.  

Additional information regarding meetings, dates, events, etc. will be forthcoming from Kirk shortly.

I am looking forward to a great season with Kirk at the helm. 

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend with your family!