$30:  Equips a robot with an advanced sensor for amazing autonomous action.
$50:  Purchases one set of tires for FTC (Middle School Robot) to race about the field.
$60: Purchases a We Do Lego smart hub to let our smallest young engineers control LEGO motors.
$120:  Equips a robot with advanced Mecanum wheels to move in any direction.
$150: Buys a robot controller card and advanced sensors for one FTC team to do amazing things.
$200: Provides training materials for our high school and middle school Junior Mentors to become the leaders of tomorrow.
$300:  Launches a new FLL Jr (North Creek), team for another six new Young Engineers.
$350:  Buys an iPad a for North Creek to allow year round STEM activities. One FLL Jr (North Creek) + one Tech club team to learn programming on and to control their awesome robots.
$500:  Pays for the annual fees so one of our FTC teams can compete for the season.
$700:  Equips our Young Programmers with a new laptop to take to competitions.
$800:  Spins up a world class FLL Team (South Meadows) for another 10 students!
$1,000  Supplies one of the FTC teams with Season Build Kit providing all the materials needed to contruct their robot
$1,500:  Buys a 3D printer for all the teams so our Young Engineers can learn the newest technologies.
$3,000:  Charters a bus for the FTC (Middle School) & FRC (High Schools) to travel to the Worlds Competition
$4,000:  Spins up a fourth FTC Team to compete for the next season.
$5,000:  Pays for the FRC (High School's) entry fee for a competition season.