The Jared's Fund

Jared Franklin was an integral 4 year member of our FRC team, #1502 Technical Difficulties. After the his tragic passing in 2016, it was his family’s wish toremember the joy, challenge, and deep friendships he found in Robotics and established the Jared's Fund to ensure all inspiring Young Engineers had the means to participate in Chelsea Robotics.  Jared's Fund is administrated by the Chelsea Robotics Boosters.  Currently, the fund allows for any family participating in the Chelsea School District's Free or Reduced Lunch Program will to have their Team Registration and fee's waved.

Please consider a donation to Jared’s Fund to allow us to continue to keep robotics programs affordable to the Chelsea community.

Donations to the Jared Fund

If you would to make a donation directly to the Jared's Fund to ensure it's ongoing mission, please contact the Chelsea Robotics Boosters or our make a donation online by selecting the button below.

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