The Chelsea Robotics Boosters

The non-profit CRB (Chelsea Robotic Boosters, a 501-C3) is the support arm of the K-12 Robotics in Chelsea with purpose of engaging the community, promoting STEM programs such as FIRST Robotics, fund raising and providing support to our Young Engineers and Mentors so we create a world class Robotics Program.  

The specific objectives* and purposes of the CRB is to receive and administer funds and property while operating exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes in support of the Chelsea Schools Robotics teams as they work to inspire, educate and excite students about science, technology, engineering and mathematics and to promote student involvement in robotics based competitions. Such as: 

  • Promote student involvement in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer, robotics, communication and leadership-based activities.
  • Promote student involvement in robotics based competitions such as, but not limited to, FIRST, Vex Challenge, etc.
  • Provide an environment for students to meet engineers, scientists, technologists, and advanced technology manufacturers.
  • Encourage and support students to graduate from high school and inspire students to pursue higher education, aid students in securing scholarships for higher education, or providing scholarships to deserving students.
  • Plan, organize and conduct activities, competitions, demonstrations, and other events which inspire student innovation, leadership, teamwork, and self confidence and where students can improve their technical skills.
  • Provide financial, technical, administrative, training and other support to individuals, groups and other organizations that share and support the vision, mission and purpose of Chelsea Robotics Boosters, Inc,
  • To engage in other activities to raise the general community’s awareness and interest in involving students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer, robotics, communication and leadership-based activities

*Chelsea Robotic Bylaws, 2017