FTC 2017 Year In Review

Congratulations to our Young Engineers at Beach Middle School Robotics for the completion of their 2017 FTC Competition year.  For a second year team, we could not be more proud of our accomplishments.  These are just some of the awards garnered from competitions:

  • Compass Award Winner (Anne Findlay)

  • Promote Award Winner (Gremlins)

  • Promote Award Winner (Crash)

  • Motivate Award Winner (Crash)

  • Motivate Award Finalist (2 Times!! Gremlins)

  • Connect Award Finalist (Gremlins & Glitch)

  • Mentor Award (Kepler Eberle)

  • Innovate Award Finalist (Crash)

  • Think Award Winner (Glitch)

  • Think Award Finalist (Crash)

  • State Championship Competitor (Glitch)

However, the success of our Young Engineers is not solely judged by our accolades, but by the substantial growth and excellent Gracious Professionalism of our students.  Enjoy the video above showcasing this season.

Additionally, the Gremlins received First Place for their Promote Award and Compass Award, honoring their FRC Student Coach Anne Findley.