BMS Robotics Crashed into the Bedford Qualifier!

Bedford High School, Temperance MI

Saturday, November 4, 2017

What a day!  I couldn’t be more proud of every one of the young engineers who participated in this event (and the few unable to come but helped make some incredible robots)!  We had some exciting matches and a few frustrating ones.  Several quick stops in the pits to make sometimes radical changes.  It was a good first start to the Robotics season.  What better way to end the night than jumping up and down to “Chelsea! Chlesea!”

The Glitch

The Glitch started off strong,  winning its first match.  Software and battery problems sent them back to the pits more than once, frustrated.   They are looking forward to making their mark in Mason next week.  They still wow’d everyone with their teamwork and graciousness.


The Gremlins quickly took over the pits and the FLL jr tournament with their gremlin mascots.  Everyone seemed to be carrying a wee Gremlin mascot around.  The Gremlins finished the strongest in match play of all the Beach Middle School Teams (3-2-0).   The also were the 1st Finalist in the Motivate Award.  The Motivate Award is awarded on the base of  team outreach and sharing Robotics and FIRST with their local community.

The Crash

The Crash had the most trouble in matches,  tipping over twice.  They made radical changes to the software and amputated their robot’s relic delivery arm righting the balance.  

However,  The Crash “crashed” into the awards ceremony with mentions and received 2 trophies!  They won the Motivate Award! The judges really noticed the Beach Robotics efforts to bring notice to the Chelsea community, with one team winning this award and its sister team, Gremlins, coming in as Finalist.  

The Crash were also 1st Finalists in the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award.  Their Mentor, Kepler Eberle, also received the Mentor/Coach Award.  For a high school junior to beat out the experienced coaches and adult mentors, to be considered to be having a positive impact on young people, was awesome and surprising, but not undeserved.   

Next Up, Mason!

Next up is the Mason Qualifier, this Saturday!