Kept you waiting, huh?      A long awaited update.

February 5th, 2019

Kept you waiting, huh? In the blog’s absence we have been working long and hard. But this week we’re trying to finish up Weegee’s Revenge. He was named after the Smash Attack of Luigi from the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where he sucks his opponents into a vacuum and spits them out. Hint: Vacuum manipulator.


Weegee is without his socks and without his parts, but is changing fast. Currently, all his  guts are on the Demo Bot blogged about previously. We have taken on a new design with our electronics. We also make sure our electronics are safe and tested. The light ring didn’t work, so we tested to make sure every part works. We changed our drive train to arcade drive, easier to move forward without going at an angle, from tank drive.

20190205_194741 (1).jpg

Meanwhile, We had Andrew, Anson, and Nick working on Chairman’s. They had been working on this since week two, so about 80 to 100 hours collectively. They began a countdown, drawing a crowd. They then submitted the document successfully.

“We got a lot of stress off our back” said Nick.


Blog post and photos by Colin Kovick