Quick Update

Quick update: Our robot sucks. No really. Weegee has acquired a vacuum for grabbing cargo.


“But what is this ‘cargo’” one may ask. The cargo is a rubber ball 13 inches in diameter, that gets loaded into a cargo bay.


The cargo bay must be covered by a hatch panel to retain the cargo. “Tell me what a ‘hatch panel’ is too” one might also say. The Hatch Panel is a disc 19 inches in diameter, with a 6 inch diameter hole in the center of it.


This covers up the cargo bay so that the cargo won’t fall out. “But that vacuum won’t be able to hold it, it’s got a giant hole in the middle.” The hatch panel has hook and loop tape on the rim. The vacuum manipulator has hook and loop tape on it, so that it can grab the hatch panel.

If you want more information, I would suggest you watch the game animation or read the manual.

Blog post and photos by Colin Kovick