First Practice!

Today, we had our first practice of the FLL season.

The first thing we did was read and discuss the FIRST Core Values.  The core values guide our behavior and attitude throughout the semester.  It starts with recognizing that we are a team, emphasizes Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition, then closes by reminding us that we have fun!  All of our Young Engineers received a list of the core values, but parents should have a look at them too!

Next, we started with a Lego build challenge.  We broke into teams and tried to combine any 20 parts together such that they could withstand a 4-foot drop without breaking.  We wrote down our designs and noted what went wrong and what went right.  We then split into different teams and took what we learned to the next level - literally, by dropping our designs from 6 feet.  

Next, we opened our challenge kit.  This is the kit that contains the Robot Game playing field and over 2000 lego parts that make up the obstacles.  The team finally saw the scope of the challenge they must tackle over the rest of the season.

Parents and Young Engineers can see more information on the Robot Game, playing field, and other rules here:

Finally, we spent some time learning about our team name: the Cakensteins!