2017 Challenge Released!

The 2017 challenge has finally been released!  This is the description of the robot game and project topic that will be the focus of the team for the entire semester.  

The Robot Game happens on a 4'x8' game field.  The robot must autonomously complete a set of tasks related to this year's theme: hydrodynamics.  The tasks include placing pipes, turning on sources of "water", etc.  Our team will be learning how to build and program a Lego robot to complete these tasks!  Each task yields a set of points.  The students must strategize which tasks they will focus on to get the highest score!

The Project requires the students to identify a real-world problem related to hydrodynamics, design a solution that they think will overcome this problem, and then share their solution.  The hydrodynamics project is the second focus of the team throughout the season.

The South Meadows teams will participate in the robot game and project presentation in an official tournament at the end of the season.  Now that the challenge has been released, we know what our goals are!